ProfiShield by Emp-tronic

Shielding Technology without limitations

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Together with researchers and clients, Emp-tronic has developed a unique shielding system – ProfiShield. The system is highly flexible and can be assembled in practically any configuration from small boxes to large complex chambers. The shielded chambers are constructed using an aluminium profile frame and PVC-panels with a tin-plated steel sheet.

Shielded chambers are supplied complete with doors and windows as specified by the customer, along with any required penetrations, such as ventilation, filters for mains, computer or telecommunications cables. To create a pleasant working environment, the chamber can be clad with wooden panels in different veneer finishes or in any desired colour. Interior furnishings, such as shelves and tables, can be tailored to the customer’s own wishes.

In all, we have built over 500 shielded chambers – chambers for production tests, freestanding offices for computer security or EMC-testing, and large computer rooms measuring 1 000 m2 and upwards, with a variety of roof and wall angles. Shape and size are immaterial – there are no limits.

Secure meeting room by Emp-tronic
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ProfiShield by Emp-tronic