EMP-tronic represents ETS Lindgren's extensive range of display systems, doors, tiles and filters.

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Pan-type shielding
Sandwich-type shielding
Shielded doors

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Supplier of test-equipment and services for electrical safety, EMC, temperature/humidity/vibration and sensor technology.

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EMC & Wireless
Sensors & components
High voltage & electrical safety
Climate & vibrating
Medical technology

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Protection against breaking and entering, shooting, shock wave, perimeter- and vehicle ramming protection.

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Safety walls
Security doors
Security window
Metal fences
Vehicle gates
Bollards & road blockers

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Innco systems GmbH is a one of the world’s leading manufacturers of positioning systems for EMC (EMI and EMS) measurement systems, including HF, wireless, antenna and anechoic chambers applications.

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Antenna masts
Antenna stands
3D Measuring systems
Field probe positioner
Antenna adapters
Cable slide bar
Custom positioning systems

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Customised solutions for radio frequency and microwave technology, electronics and mechanics.

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Shielding boxes
Standard & customs enclosures
Air interface
Standard coupling units for GSM/DCS/DCN/UMTS or DECT
RF components (terminations, attenuators, multicouplers, filter units, splitters and more)

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Test equipment for measuring electromagnetic fields and people’s exposure to electromagnetic fields in accordance with ICNIRP, IEC, EN, IEEE, European Directive 2013/35/EU, FCC and other standards.

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Field strength meters
Field probes 1Hz up to 40GHz
Continuous EMF monitoring equipment
Indoor EMF monitoring equipment
Compact EMF monitoring equipment

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Reliable Protection Devices against lightning, HEMP, NEMP and other High Power Electromagnetic Effects (HPEM).
Our expertise stems from 30 years in the EMC division.

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