We are specialists in EM shielding and EMC technology

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Unique & flexible

ProfiShield is a flexible shielding system that can be constructed from small boxes to large, complex spaces.

Secure meeting room

What is your situation? What is your need to have a secure meeting room?

Architectural shielding

When there is other demands in limitation area, for example fire-protection or sound-absorbation, this will require another type of shielding.

When do you need Shielding?

Today we know for certain that sensitive electronic equipment can be disrupted by electromagnetic fields and cable-conducted transients. In an everyday context, the interference phenomena most commonly encountered, and those which are easiest to identify, can be traced to ill functioning computer installations.
However, major problems sometimes occur for no apparent reason.

Interference, whether caused by human activities or natural phenomena, can disrupt the function of electronic equipment, destroy huge quantities of data and cause damage to the equipment itself.