EMC measuring room

EMC by Emp-tronic

EMC stands for electro-magnetic compatibility. In other words – the ability of electrical appliances to operate without influencing or being influenced by the electromagnetic environment. EMC involves two basic concepts – emission (interfere generation) and immunity (noise resistance).

EMC requirements must now be met when a product is placed on the market. The requirements also apply to a device, system or installation placed in service. This means that a device that is only manufactured in a single copy shall meet the requirement when it is used, even if it is the manufacturer who uses it.

CE marking
It requires a standardized test site to verify a product according to the EMC directive for CE marking. It applies to both conducted and radiated testing, so also for emission and immunity.
Emp-Tronic can offer solutions of measurement sites which both meets the required standard and precompliance testing.

EMC measuring room by Emp-tronic
EMC by Emp-tronic
EMC room  by Emp-tronic

EMI room

EMI by Emp-tronic

EMI rooms are used for various laboratory purposes. For example, when developing, producing, repairing and testing electronic equipment, it is important to ensure that it does not interfere with and will not be disturbed by its surroundings.

By using the EMP-Tronics electromagnetically shielded room will ensure that your equipment does not interfere with or will not be disturbed by the surroundings.

In addition to our rooms provides high shielding quality ensures also a light and pleasant working environment for the persons staying there. Emp-Tronic unique screen door allows in / out pass smoothly.

EMI room by Emp-tronic
EMI room by Emp-tronic

EMP/HPM room

EMP/HPM room by Emp-tronic

The EMP/HPM room is used to protect sensitive electronic equipment and computer systems from electro-magnetic pulse (EMP), high power microwave (HPM), and intentional EMI (IEMI).

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Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP)
Nuclear explosion at high altitude, with very short rise time, both conducted as field radiated.
High Power Microwave (HPM)
The microwave signal or pulse of high energy, which could interfere alternatively destroy electronics.
Intentional EMI (IEMI)
Intentionally generated interference to affect electronic systems.

Today there are several threats that can disrupt alternatively damage electrical and electronic equipment.

Increased terrorist threats of self-generated interference pulses in order to sabotage, means that the threat of serious disturbance of sensitive equipment has increased.

To protect your equipment and ensure the functionality you need a space that is shielded from electric fields and electromagnetic radiation - a so-called Faraday cage, which is an electrically conductive metal casing. This ensures electrical and electronic systems from interference.

With the EMP-Tronics shielded EMP/HPM-room, you get a customized and secure solution.

EMP/HPM room by Emp-tronic
EMP/HPM room by Emp-tronic
EMP/HPM room by Emp-tronic

MRI room

MRI room by Emp-tronic

MRI equipment must be located in electromagnetically shielded rooms, with an acceptable damping 80 dB up to 150 MHz. This is because the equipment itself emits RF signal to generate the image of the returned signal coming from the body. This signal is very weak, so MRI camera is sensitive to external interference.
Only non-magnetic material (copper, brass, aluminum, etc) may be used in the vicinity of MRI camera.

MRI room by Emp-tronic
MRI room by Emp-tronic

PIM test room

PIM test room by Emp-tronic

PIM (passive inter modulation) tests are used to protect the environ- ment when PIM testing base station antennas.

Today, extensive lab and production testing of all components included in a base station system, such as base station antenna. Because of the high test power used, one needs to protect the surroundings from the output power generated by the PIM analyzer which is then transmitted via the antenna. At the same time you must ensure that the environment (PIM room) do not generate PIM that can lead to inaccurate test results.

By using the EMP-Tronics proven shielding system ensures that the output generated in the antenna does not interfere with the environment while ensuring that the chamber itself does not generate PIM. Emp-Tronic PIM chamber has been used for many years by companies around the world.

PIM test room by Emp-tronic


TEMPEST room by Emp-tronic

With the elimination signals – unintentionally generated electromagnetic signals that can be deciphered by unauthorized persons, may cause confidential information being disclosed.

The need for eavesdropping protection is fulfilled by installing equipment in a TEMPEST protected room or by using equipment that has been designed to be TEMPEST protected (mainly signalling and safety equipment as well as PC-related equipment).

Together with researchers and clients, Emp-tronic has developed a unique shielding systems – ProfiShield. Shielded chambers are supplied complete with doors and windows specified by the customer, along with all penetrations like: ventilation, filters for mains, computer or telecommunications cables that may be required.

To create a pleasant working environment, the chamber can be clad with wooden panels in several different veneer finishes or in any desired colour. Interior furnishings, such as shelves and tables, can be tailored to the customer’s own wishes.

TEMPEST room by Emp-tronic
TEMPEST room by Emp-tronic
TEMPEST room by Emp-tronic