Shielding Technology by Emp-tronic

30 years of unique experience in Electrical environment and EMC technology

Shielding Technology by Emp-tronic
Emp-tronic - Sweden

We develop, manufacture, sell and install shielded installations for civilian, military and medical applications around the world.

We have experience from hundreds of installations and take pride in continuous development. This means that we can offer a unique combination of knowledge and products in order to deliver the most flexible solution as well as provide expert advice and consultation.

Typical applications for our clients are:
EMP protection of buildings and installations, protection against TEMPEST eavesdropping, EMC testing, electronics and radio development, antenna measurement, server rooms, secure meeting rooms as well as rooms for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

MRI by Emp-tronicage
EMC lab by Emp-tronic
ProfiShield by Emp-tronic